Kip Steele Homes is the cultivation of a lifetime of building experience. Born and raised in the Texas Hill Country, Kip is a third generation home builder. The education process started early, being on construction sites as a young child taught Kip good work ethic and a sense of pride in the quality of work being performed. Kip ran a successful trim company for eleven years before transitioning into construction management and custom home building.

We believe in others and the value they can bring to a project. Growing up and working with and around the many trades involved during the building process has provided a well rounded understanding of how each trade affects the others and helps build a quality and seamless team. We negotiate for the best terms and pricing for each project with subcontractors we believe and trust in. We have a team, built out of some of the best subcontractors in Central Texas, that we know will perform their work with the same integrity that we are known for.

At Kip Steele Homes, every detail is important to us. From the start of the project to the finishing touches, we have a consistent positive attitude that is trickled down into every aspect of the home. Although we are a large enough company to build homes of all genres, we are small enough to give a personal touch to every project. We offer a level of communication that is seldom seen in the building industry, communicating with architects, owners, and subcontractors to ensure an impeccable finish. Building can be a relationship that cultivates into friendship, lasting a lifetime. We still see and communicate with our past clients on a regular basis.

830 613.8551 | P.O. Box 97, Round Mountain, TX, 78663